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March 9, 2021 19:03

Hafnium Update: Continued Microsoft Exchange Server Exploitation

Update 3/11: The following OSQuery detects active commands being run through webshells observed used by actors on compromised Exchange servers. While systems may have been patched to defend against Hafnium and others, threat actors may have leveraged these vulnerabilities to esta

February 17, 2021 08:02

Masslogger campaigns exfiltrates user credentials

By Vanja Svajcer. News summary * As protection techniques develop, attackers are finding it harder to successfully attack their targets and must find creative ways to succeed. * Cisco Talos recently discovered a campaign utilizing a variant of the Masslogger trojan designe

December 14, 2020 17:12

Threat Advisory: SolarWinds supply chain attack

Update 12/21: IOC section updated to include new information and associated stage. Update 12/18: We have been able to verify the name server for the DGA domain was updated as far back as late February. Compromised binaries appear to have been available on the SolarWinds website

December 14, 2020 09:12

FireEye Breach Detection Guidance

Update 12/14: Cisco Talos has implemented additional blocks in relation to the supply chain attack on SolarWinds® Orion® Platform. The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued Emergency Directive 21-01 due to this campaign. Talos is continuing to investiga

October 30, 2020 17:10

Cisco Talos Advisory on Adversaries Targeting the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

Background Cisco Talos has become aware that an adversary is leveraging Trickbot banking trojan and Ryuk ransomware to target U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers at an increasing rate. Security journalists reported on October 28, 2020 that the adversary was preparing to encr

August 26, 2020 09:08

What to expect when you're electing: The building blocks of disinformation campaigns

By Nick Biasini, Kendall McKay and Matt Valites. Editor's note: Related reading on Talos election security research: * /what-to-expect-when-youre-electing * /election-roundtable-video * /what-to-expect-electing-disinformation-building-blocks As Cisco Talos discovered during

July 29, 2020 11:07

Adversarial use of current events as lures

The goal of malicious activity is to compromise the system to install some unauthorized software. Increasingly that goal is tied to one thing: the user. Over the past several years, we as an industry improved exploit mitigation and the value of working exploits has increased acco

April 21, 2020 10:04

Vulnerability Spotlight: Zoom Communications user enumeration

Video conferencing and calling software has spiked in popularity as individuals across the globe are forced to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a plethora of players in this space, with one or two getting increased attention. One service in particular — Zoom — ha

February 13, 2020 14:02

Threat actors attempt to capitalize on coronavirus outbreak

* Coronavirus is dominating the news and threat actors are taking advantage. * Cisco Talos has found multiple malware families being distributed with Coronavirus lures and themes. This includes emotet and several RAT variants. Executive Summary Using the news to try and incr