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Threat Source newsletter

Talos’ weekly recap of the top cybersecurity news and our latest research. Weekly editions appear on the blog, or readers can subscribe to have the email delivered to their inbox every Thursday.

Threat Advisory

Any urgent malware campaigns or security vulnerabilities that Talos is actively researching. These posts include the latest threat detection our researchers develop to address these issues.

Threat Spotlight

The most notable recent cyber attacks and malware campaigns Talos is following, along with the Cisco Secure protection to keep users safe.

Threat Roundup

The malware families Talos saw most in the wild over the past week, including up-to-date IOCs and Cisco Secure product coverage.

Patch Tuesday

Talos’ recap of Microsoft’s monthly security update, including the vulnerabilities users need to patch for as soon as possible.

Vulnerability Spotlight

Coverage of the most important security issues Talos’ world-class vulnerability research team discovers and helps fix before the bad guys find it first.


Breaking security news all uses should be up-to-date on, along with any other cybersecurity topics in the news.

Researcher Spotlight

A monthly recurring feature highlighting the people who truly make the Talos difference.

Beers with Talos

Beers, threats and no silver bullets on this podcast.

Talos Takes

Every week, join Talos researchers as they break down a complicated security topic for everyone from the C-suite to the frontlines in 10(ish) minutes or less.

CTIR trends

Each quarter, Cisco Talos Incident Response recaps the malware families and attacker tactics they observed most in the wild. Find out what your organizations can learn so you don’t end up in the same position.

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